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Why Choose ICC? Cabling Solutions for Commercial and Residential Applications

ICC Cabling Solutions

If you are looking for a top-notch provider for your commercial or residential cabling solutions, look no further. ICC offers one of the broadest lines of connectivity and cable management products at an affordable price. The products offered at ICC continue to exceed TIA, National Technical Systems (NTS), and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards. Simply put, ICC supports emerging technologies with ease.

Target Distributing is a leading distributor of ICC, because we trust their products and services. Quality control and compliance are just as important to us as they are to you, and that’s why we choose ICC. Below is a list of some of their cabling solutions.

Patch Panels

ICC manufactures both fixed and modular patch panels. Their fixed patch panels have wide 110-IDCs for easy wiring and termination. Their modular panels use jacks to be terminated before snapping into the panel and offer flexibility for removing/reorganizing ports after installation.


Distribution Racks

Distribution racks are available in both 2-Post and 4-Post at ICC. Their designs are made with 9 AWG aluminum, for easy carrying. Their 4-Post rack is adjustable for holding deeper and heavier networking equipment. ICC’s distribution racks are suitable for telecommunications rooms, making your cabling solutions easier. 


Bulk Cables

ICC offers a range of bulk network cable in Category 6A (CAT6A), Category 6 (CAT6), and Category 5e (CAT5e). Their cables support 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Ethernet applications. Their bulk cable products allow for both flexibility and high-conductivity. 



Fiber Optic & Ethernet Patch Cords

Fiber optic patch cords come in a vast selection for high-density environments. Also known as fiber jumpers, their patch cords are made with Corning® ClearCurve® glass. This allows for the fiber to be bend-insensitive, reducing attenuation and improving performance on tight bends. These patch cords are factory terminated and provide rapid deployment - an excellent option for your cabling solutions.


Ethernet patch cords come in Category 6 (CAT6), Category 5e (CAT5e), and Category 6A. ICC’s patch cords are factory tested, exceeding TIA performance standards. Some of their cord options include boots to keep the retaining clip from snagging on adjacent cables. They come in a variety of colors and range in length from one foot to 25 feet. 

Enclosure Combos for Residential Use

ICC builds enclosure combos that are ideal for single family, tract homes, and multiple dwelling units, keeping your cables organized and simplifying terminations. Most devices in homes require phone, video, and data connectivity. The enclosure comes packed with connectivity modules, a door or cover, and mounting hardware to connect phone, data, and video together.




Target Distributing is a leading distributor of ICC. ICC has proven to be trustworthy, follow industry standards, and provide quality products and services. To view the full listing of ICC’s cabling solutions, please visit Target Distributing’s Resource Library for a complete ICC Catalog.


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