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The Vertical Summit is Now Available

July 8, 2014 09:56 AM
  1. Suited for 5-50 users and accommodates up to 140

  2. Competitively priced feature leader

  3. Integrated Auto Attendant

  4. Includes Voice Mail that can send .wav files via email

  5. Supports advanced UC and Mobility apps for desktop, iOS & Android

  6. Seamless integration with optional UC server for advanced feature access such as IM, Presence Status, 6-Party Video Conferencing and Application Sharing

  7. Includes 2 FREE SIP softphones

  8. Compatible with Vertical SBX IP & MBX IP for multi-site networking

  9. Supports a wide variety of IP, Digital and wireless DECT handsets as well as legacy Vodavi Digital and IP phones

  10. Simple to install, program and manage

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