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StaffAlerter - Be Prepared Before an Emergency Occurs

Do you have a group of students, parents, employees, or customers that need to be informed during an emergency or company-wide event? Do you have a lockdown system in place for your school or building? Don’t be unprepared for when an emergency happens - plan ahead of time with StaffAlerter. 

What is StaffAlerter?

StaffAlerter is an all-in-one solution that integrates mass notifications, alerts, and building lockdowns. Its architectural design of IoT technology and Cloud processing will automate multiple safety actions in response to an emergency or company-wide communication.
StaffAlerter is an automated communication and emergency-response platform. It was first designed for K-12 schools, but has since expanded to business buildings, federal government, municipalities, healthcare facilities and other organizations. 


Automated communication can go out through the StaffAlerter portal for a variety of responses. They can be sent through email, SMS text, automated phone calls, or as a push notification to SA-Inform, the StaffAlerter application. Here are some examples of when notifications need to go out:
  • Weather-related closures
  • Building maintenance closures
  • Building lockdowns
  • Departmental Security Alerts
  • Personal Alerts from SA-Inform with MSG & Location


With StaffAlerter, you can lock down one or multiple buildings at a time. When a threat is identified, a person in charge will press the Lockdown Button. Upon activation, first responders or other emergency personnel will be notified, along with a specific group of people set up with the communication automation. 

How Does StaffAlerter Work?

The main components of StaffAlerter are: Detect → Alert → Respond


StaffAlerter will detect activity from a switch, alarm, sensor, or other device that was previously installed. 


The user or person in charge can take immediate action of mass communication or safety measures with the click of a button. Preset actions would have been previously created on the platform, depending on the activity that takes place.


First responders or other emergency personnel will be alerted and can respond quickly to the services that are needed.

Who Can Benefit From Using StaffAlerter?

There are a variety of industries that can use StaffAlerter. Here are a few:


  • K-12 schools
  • College campuses


  • Hospitals 
  • Emergency rooms

Local Businesses

  • Government facilities
  • Grocery stores
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Senior living
To learn more about solutions from StaffAlerter, check out their dealer resources or give Target Distributing a call at 888-792-7463 today!

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