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ITW Linx DistributorsITW Linx has been manufacturing products for the telecommunications market for over 20 years. ITW Linx has been the first in the industry with a number of protection products for telecom and datacom like the industry’s first 66 block protector and CAT5E / CAT6 protection families. They offer a full line of lightning and surge protection products covering the breadth of the telecom, datacom and physical security markets.

Target is one of the nation's leading ITW Distributors that will help find solutions for your customer’s needs.

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ITW Distributors Sales Contact Information:
Target Distributing
19560 Amaranth Drive
Germantown, Maryland 20874
8:00AM to 5:30PM Eastern Time M-F
301-296-9494 FAX

EMAIL: TGSales@targetdist.com


ITWLinx Documents & Resources

Nov 25, 2013 PDF Document ITW-Linx-Product Line Up 0913
Protect your valuable equipment with ITW/Linx surge suppresion products
Oct 05, 2012 PDF Document ITWLinx Products
ITW Linx is an industry leader in design and manufacture of voice, data, power and security protection products for the telecommunications market for over 25 years. ITW Linx has been the first in the industry to provide variety of protection products for the telecom and datacom markets. These products include the first 66 and 110 block protectors, CAT5/CAT5E / CAT6 protectors per the TIA standards, VoIP, one gig Ethernet protection products.