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Office Workplace Safety Solutions: Products to Keep Employees Healthy


Returning to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic requires more than a few hand washing tips to keep employees healthy. As technology continues to evolve, customers are presented with smarter solutions to expand upon office workplace safety protocols. 

At Target Distributing, we’re proud to carry new and innovative products that are ideal for any office environment that requires in-person collaboration. Check out a few of the workplace safety solutions we offer that will aid in monitoring the health of employees today and beyond. 

Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solutions from Dahua Security

The safest way to return to the office amid a global pandemic? Check in on the health of employees before they walk in the door. With Dahua’s Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solutions, businesses can detect elevated skin temperatures in a matter of seconds -- without ever coming in physical contact with a person. With thermal temperature monitoring, there’s no need for guesswork when it comes to the health of employees and customers -- quickly get safe and accurate readings before people walk in the door. The process begins with a “checkpoint station” that office goers pass through to get their temperatures taken, allowing for a smooth reading without any contact made. 

The SafetyTemp Thermal Temperature Station

For small installations, we recommend the compact SafetyTemp Thermal Temperature Station. Measurements can be taken in just 0.2 seconds and from up to six feet away -- ideal for a quick and effective temperature taking process. If an employee or customer’s skin temperature is deemed higher than the user-defined threshold, the solution will raise audible alerts. Plus, the SafetyTemp Thermal Temperature Station can even help identify if a person is wearing a mask. 

Easy Temperature Monitoring for Medium and Small Businesses

Look no further than the Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution for medium and large installations. This innovative tool goes above and beyond by offering a hybrid network thermal camera, an NVR, and a blackbody calibration device for highly accurate skin temperature measurements (±0.54° F). This solution also provides a seamless temperature taking process without the need to ever make contact with a person’s skin. Similarly to SafetyTemp, elevated temperatures or mask statuses can be detected through alerts -- but the Dahua Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution has the ability to send updates via the 4K 16-ch 1U NVR (DHI-NVR5216-16P-I) or a mobile app (DMSS). It comes in two different camera options, including:


  • a new model that works best for medium-sized businesses
  • offers accurate readings from up to 16 feet away


  • a high-end model known for its high resolution thermal lens, low NETD, and large aperture
  • offers accurate readings from up to 23 feet away

The Handheld Thermal Temperature Monitoring Device

A portable handheld temperature sensor is essential for businesses that need to carry out the temperature taking process anywhere and at any time. The Handheld Thermal Temperature Monitoring Device DH-TPC-HT2201 is equipped with a 3.5mm camera and is used by aiming directly at a person whose temperature is being taken. With the help of AI, this solution delivers highly accurate readings and sounds an alarm when skin temperature is over a user-defined average. For on-the-go usage, this device is entirely portable and comes with a built-in battery that lasts over eight hours after charging fully.

The New 5MP Dome Camera

Mask-wearing when in public spaces like an office or business setting must be prioritized, and the new 5MP Dome Camera (N55DY82) is the perfect addition to workplace safety protocols. The solution delivers an active alarm message to users whenever people who are not wearing masks come within its field of view. Additional features include perimeter protection, people counting, heat mapping, Smart Motion Detection (SMD) and face detection.

At Target Distributing, we supply the convergence technologies that will meet your customers’ needs. Browse our 2020 Catalog for a full portfolio of products today and contact us to place your order. 


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