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Make Meetings Easier with Poly Video


Since government-enforced social distancing has come into play amid the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of employees have made the switch to telework. Daily routines have changed, company-wide meetings have been postponed, and many are relying on technology to continue achieving their goals and getting the work done. But one aspect of a strong workplace that companies can’t afford to lose is communication. You may have been able to seamlessly move to a work from home setting with the help of real-time chat applications like Slack or instant messenger. But how can you make necessary decisions for your business that require face-to-face interaction? The answer is simple: Video Polycom collaboration. Here are a few benefits of poly video that will allow you to instill a sense of normalcy in your meetings while working remotely:

Real-Time Collaboration

If you’ve taken a psychology course or two, then you know that body language influences your success. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get a read on tone via email. With poly video, explaining your ideas with the help of facial expressions and visual responses greatly impacts presentation. This is a perfect opportunity to let your confidence in your words show! Don’t waste time trying to get your point across through a long chain of emails with the team. Begin incorporating productive discussions into your daily routine by utilizing poly video and never miss a beat.

Adaptable and Easy-to-use Technology

Let’s say you’re already sold on the idea of adopting a video conferencing solution for your business. Hooray! Now the question is -- how will this technology make my remote meetings run smoother and faster without bumping into any technical issues? The first step to making poly video a part of your daily life is ensuring that it will easily integrate into your current UC platforms. You’ll find that poly video can accommodate widely-used collaboration tools that you may already be familiar with, like Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, and Zoom. With the Polycom Workspace Solution, conducting business from home is made easier because it is designed to overcome the challenges presented by an out-of-office space. You can check out the various poly video solutions available here to get a better idea of the best video conferencing technology for your business.

Ability to Mimic Your Office Routine

Maybe your organization only meets once or twice a week to discuss higher-level goals and progress achievements. However, it wouldn’t be a typical day at the office without your morning ritual of chatting with coworkers on your individual team while sipping coffee. Since working from home, you may have realized that these more informal meetings actually set the tone for your day’s work, and it may be hard to get the same experience over email. With poly video, your business has the opportunity to chat face-to-face at any time, allowing you to collaborate similarly from home as you would in the office.

Expand the Meeting Experience Beyond Video

When it comes to company meetings, collaboration involves more than just speaking with coworkers. There are notes to be shared, powerpoints to present, and comments to be made. With video polycom’s Content Collaboration feature, you can share your screen and even annotate documents in real-time. By incorporating the documentation and key points to your video meeting that you would normally provide in an in-person chat, attendees can obtain the same experience that goes far beyond just waiting to chime in with their two cents.

Ready to elevate your company’s meeting experience with polycom video conferencing? Take a look at our available video conference solutions and get a head start on increasing productivity today!


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