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How To Pick an Audio-Video Conferencing Solution


Daily routines and workplace settings may have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, but for businesses with the means to carry on, communication is crucial. Zoom meetings have become a workforce staple in an effort to keep the momentum going and enable continuous collaboration. If back-and-forth emails and confusing instant messaging are hindering your business’s efforts towards effective communication, then it may be time to consider an audio-video conferencing solution for higher-quality engagement.

The next step? Choosing the video conferencing hardware that is right for you! Here are four things to consider when researching an audio-video conferencing system that is ideal for your business:

Industry Type

Not all audio-video solutions are created equal -- but this comes in the customer’s favor as many solutions are tailored to the needs of specific industries. For those in the education field, choosing an audio-video conferencing system with interactive capabilities and features geared towards engaging with students is essential. On the other hand, those in the US government should focus on choosing a solution that is optimal for telework and includes features that enable distance learning. 

Application Integration

Once you have pinpointed a brand of audio-video conferencing solutions that molds with your industry, the next step is to consider which applications you plan on integrating with this system. What platforms do you plan on using with your new conferencing solution? Microsoft, Zoom, and Amazon are all viable options that can be integrated for an ideal video conferencing experience, but your choice of application can influence the best solution for you. 

Mobile Capabilities

As working from home has become the new norm amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional desktop provided by one’s employer is no longer your typical source of technology. Workers are using laptops, iPads, and even smartphones to conduct daily meetings and accomplish tasks, so ensuring that your audio-video conferencing solution can adapt to various systems is essential. When choosing the right solution for your business, do some research to find out which products are user-friendly on all forms of technology, and have mobile capabilities. 

Workspace Location

Your career and responsibilities transcend beyond the physical workplace and this couldn’t be more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Where you work has shifted, but communication and collaboration are still of the utmost importance. Whether the goal is to choose an audio-video solution that is perfect for working remotely or to research a system that will suit your office huddle rooms once it is safe to return to the workplace, location matters. Remain efficient and stay on the ball no matter where you are with a conferencing system that adapts to your process.

At Target Distributing, we’re proud to say that the video conferencing hardware we distribute keeps all of these factors in mind so that choosing the right system for you is simple. Feel free to check out our variety of audio-video conferencing solutions today.


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