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Communicate Effectively: Best Technology for Working Remotely


As many Americans continue to work from home, the demand for innovative remote technology makes sense. There’s a need for products that can extend the capabilities of an office environment to one’s home or personal remote workspace, rather than just “get the job done.” 

As hybrid work schedules, or a blend of in-person and remote collaboration come to fruition, Target Distributing can help accommodate your customers’ office environments, whatever those may be. Check out a few of our top picks for the best technology for working remotely.

The Konftel Ego

With the Konftel Ego, users have personal conferencing at their fingertips -- no board room required! This compact and portable speakerphone is the perfect alternative to a headset when working alone from home or on-the-go. Users can bring their home offices to life or pack up a Konftel Ego for their next trip. This device uses OmniSound technology to deliver high-quality audio no matter the location! 

Compatible with favorite collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex, the Konftel Ego means your customers can expect more from their meetings -- whether they’re in the office or working from home.

Konftel Cam10

The Konftel Cam10 means your customers never have to worry about a faulty built-in web camera again. As a video conferencing webcam suitable for desktop and laptops in the office or at home, users can experience high-def 1080p video for top-notch clarity. 

And on top of visuals, dual microphones and special noise-reducing technology allow for optimal audio quality, too. Plus, the set-up is a piece of cake! All users have to do is connect the Konftel Cam10’s USB cord to their computer and they can video chat in no time. Check out Target Distributing’s Konftel Cam10 Data Sheet for more specifics.

Konftel C50800 Hybrid

For those who are working in-person at the office or plan on doing so soon, the Konftel C50800 is a must-have video collaboration tool. Geared towards medium to very large meetings, it can be used in an office setting or conference room. 

Additionally, its “hybrid” nature allows users to combine meeting apps and regular phone calls. So for workplaces that have in-office and remote team members, this solution is a great way to include everyone -- no matter their location. Like the Konftel Ego, it also uses OmniSound technology for audio clarity.

Technology solutions from Konftel are ideal for a hybrid work environment -- and emphasize just how important access to high-quality technology from home is. Browse the many solutions from Konftel that we offer at Target Distributing and give us a call at (888)-792-7463 to place an order today!


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