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Bringing employees together with video conferencing hardware


The modern workforce uses technology to bring people together. It is no longer necessary to fly, drive, or commute to conduct a meeting, brain-storming session, or interview. We know from experience, face time with clients can effectively accomplish goals. By the same token, when you bring employees together face-to-face to work, productivity follows.


Remote employees rely on video conferencing for face-to-face interaction with coworkers, supervisors, and project teams. This modern-day work connection brings employees together to build a culture of trust and understanding. In fact, telecommuting statisticsreveal 40 percent of US employers offer flexible work options than they did just five years ago.


Here are five ways to increase employee productivity with the help of video conferencing hardware:


Streamline Collaboration - Too often a simple email request or question can drag on for days in a back and forth online discussion and nothing ever gets solved. Video conferencing can streamline participation and provide the ability to integrate information in real time to brainstorm or make decisions on the spot. This visual interaction allows everyone at the table to be seen and heard by everyone on the call.


Bridge the Communication Gap- The workforce today employs remote workers who rely on technology to communicate with their employers. Whether its sales people in the field or someone working from home, employees want to access colleagues and participate in meetings, even if they aren’t in the office. Video conferencing enables coworkers to feel more connected to their teams, co-workers and managers.


Record the Knowledge - Keep everyone on the same page. With the help of video conferencing, employees can transfer knowledge, record meetings, and participate in LIVE training sessions. Employees who are not available to participate in LIVE sessions can access a recorded version later.


Apply Interaction- Body language is a visual way to read important cues on reactions to ideas, comments, or suggestions. When teams exchange and discuss ideas via video conferencing, there are fewer misinterpretations when reactions are visible to all involved. Video conference provides an outlet for leaders to present important information to multiple departments at the same time.


Encourage Participation- Video conferencing is a valuable tool. Hosting a virtual meeting saves money on travel expenses, frees up administrative time, and reduces downtime. As a bonus, video technology can also boost employee attendance and participation because it is convenient and flexible.


Now viewed as an office necessity, video conferencing is another instrument to enhance communication for countless opportunities. This cost effective technology can engage remote workers, collaborate across departments, conduct interviews, and manage suppliers. For a list of the best video conferencing hardware suppliers, start your search with Target Distributing.


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