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2021 Telecommunications Trends


The telecommunications industry saw a change-up in consumer demands due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Manufacturers quickly strategized to provide businesses and individuals with new technologies to prioritize health, safety, and efficient telework. While many of us are focused on ridding ourselves of 2020, It’s been predicted that a handful of these innovative solutions will be here to stay in the new year. 

Check out the 2021 telecommunications industry trends expected to make headway.

VoIP Tech and WiFi 6 Will Continue to Gain Popularity

VoIP -- or the technology that lets users place phone calls using the internet instead of traditional phone lines, is a cost-effective and innovative solution that is fit for the office and home. This cloud service allows you to make unlimited calls with internet connection, meaning there is no need to adopt a local phone service. 

We carry Yealink solutions that easily integrate with leading cloud platforms. And speaking of the cloud -- the next generation of wireless internet called WiFi 6, is taking 2021 by storm with high performance access points from Zyxel. Your customers will experience strong WiFi extension and coverage -- in any environment. 

Advanced Office Health & Safety Products

Health and safety of employees and customers in office environments will still be a priority in 2021. Dahua, a top manufacturer in the advancement of the security industry, has changed the game in terms of health and safety solutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Contactless and efficient temperature screening can be achieved with thermographic technology from both Dahua and Hikvision, with options for businesses of all sizes. And while temperature monitoring is a more recent addition to the safety protocols of most businesses -- traditional security measures aren’t going anywhere. Turn to Viking Security and Communication for door entry solutions fit for a wide range of spaces. 


Increased A/V & Conferencing Application

We keep hearing that work from home may just be the new normal for many in 2021 and beyond. That being said, corporate workers need the right audio and video equipment to get the job done remotely, without any technology issues to interrupt processes. 

With video and voice conferencing, employees can create the in-person feel from their homes through a seamless and efficient meeting experience. Konftel video conferencing solutions are the perfect fit for small, medium, and large businesses alike, but with options such as the Konftel C20EGO, “convenience in a box” can serve an employee’s personal office -- no matter where it’s located.

Convenient Surfing and Streaming

Customers desire a “one-stop shop” for surfing and streaming as smartphones and smart TVs become the household staples. Channeling AI-based entertainment means your favorite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu can be accessed directly from your TV, without the need to sync up with another device. 

It’s time for your customers to escalate the home entertainment experience with Samsung Smart TVs for a stunning 4K LED experience. With options like voice control, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibilities, streaming content and watching live TV with 4K picture quality is easier than ever.


It’s no secret that there will be a continuous demand for the solutions mentioned, and now is the time to snag all of the products your customers may need in 2021. Contact us to order today!

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