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Yealink DistributorsFounded in 2001, Yealink, the global leading UC terminal solution provider, is dedicated to communication telephony innovations. Customers from more than 100 countries and areas worldwide enjoy Yealink’s reliable UC terminal solutions to enhance communication and collaboration.

Target is a leading Yealink Distributor that will help find solutions for your customer’s needs.




Yealink is leading the video conferencing revolution with unmatched quality and “easy technology”. The innovative VC series offers Full HD video conferencing features designed specifically to help SMEs achieve a perfect balance between high-quality, ease-of-use and cost-efficiency.

Yealink Video Conferencing


You can test the Yealink VC400 Videoconferencing Solution demo kit for up to 10 days, plus you'll get free training and tech support. Grab this great opportunity and try this new state-of-the-art videoconferencing solution today!




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  1. Purchase a Yealink VC400 Demo Kit
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  3. Take the Online Certification Test
  4. You've Passed? Congratulations, you're now a Yealink Certified Partner. Yealink will provide the Certified Logo and Certified Documents for your records

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Yealink Documents & Resources

Apr 21, 2017 PDF Document Yealink T5 Series Brochure
The Yealink T5 Media Phone Series is packed with the latest in advanced components for excellent stability and performance in communication and collaboration.
Jan 05, 2017 PDF Document Yealink T4S Series IP Phones
Yealink’s T4S series is the upgraded IP phone line of Yealink’s former T4 series. Designed for today’s busy executives and managers, the T4S series features an elegant appearance, Optima high-definition audio quality and a remarkable phone experience. Integrating cutting-edge features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the T4S series enriches business users’ daily collaboration.
May 26, 2016 PDF Document Brochure-Yealink VC120-12X
The Yealink VC120-12X is a full-HD room system that enables multipoint video conferencing in both mid-sized meeting rooms and large boardrooms. The VC120-12X comes equipped with a robust video camera and microphone as well as rich advanced features that ensure businesses of all sizes enjoy high-quality video collaboration with remarkable ease and cost-effectiveness.
May 26, 2016 PDF Document Yealink VC120 Video Conferencing Endpoint Datasheet
The VC120 is Yealink’s latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing endpoint for small and medium-sized meeting room.
Apr 29, 2016 PDF Document Yealink Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 Datasheet
New WiFi Life for You IP Phone Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 is a low-power, small form factor device that can be implemented within offices for seamlessly connecting their IP phones to available wireless networks.
Apr 20, 2016 PDF Document Yealink-W56H-Datasheet
The W56P systems can be expanded up to a total of 5 cordless handsets by adding the W56H or W52H cordless handsets.
Apr 20, 2016 PDF Document Yealink-W56P-Datasheet
The Yealink W56P is the next-generation SIP Cordless Phone System combining quality, reliability and flexibility.
Mar 21, 2016 PDF Document Yealink VC Mobile Datasheet
Yealink VC Mobile for Android™ offers 720P HD streaming video to ensure an efficient and smooth communication for all kinds of people.
Nov 17, 2015 PDF Document Yealink SIP VP-T49G Datasheet
Yealink’s video collaboration phone T49G is designed for executives and teleworkers. It strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, enabling high quality communications for business executives and professionals alike.
Nov 17, 2015 PDF Document Yealink VC110 Video Conferencing Endpoint Datasheet
The Yealink VC110 epitomizes ease, simplicity and aordability for businesses looking to conduct video conferencing in smaller meeting rooms settings.
Nov 17, 2015 PDF Document Yealink VC Desktop Datasheet
Yealink VC Desktop for Windows® is the latest addition to Yealink’s innovative One-stop Video Conferencing Solution, mainly for the people who work in the office, in business travel or at home.
Oct 06, 2015 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T40P Datasheet
The SIP-T40P is a feature-rich SIP phone for business.
Aug 14, 2015 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T29G Datasheet
SIP-T29G IP Phone is the most advanced model in the Yealink T2x IP terminal series. It has a high-resolution TFT color display,delivers a rich visual experience. Yealink Optima HD technology enables rich, clear, life-like voice communications. Supports Gigabit Ethernet, a variety of device connections, including EHS headset and USB. With programmable keys, the IP Phone supports vast productivity enhancing features.
Aug 14, 2015 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T27P Datasheet
The SIP-T27P is a feature-rich sip phone for business. It has been designed by pursuing ease of use in even the tiniest details.Delivering a superb sound quality as well as rich visual experience. The T27P also offers a wide range of functions, like SCA, BLF List, call forward, call transfer, 3-way conference, and up to support various features.Using standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades.
Jul 24, 2015 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T21P E2 Datasheet
Yealink’s new SIP-T21P E2 takes entry-level IP phones to a level never achieved before. Making full-use of high-quality materials, plus an extra-large 132x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight showing a clear 5-line data display, it offers a smoother user experience, much more visual information at a glance, plus HD Voice characteristics.
Jun 05, 2015 PDF Document Yealink VC400 Video Conferencing System Datasheet
Yealink VC400 is the latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing system designed specifically for head office use. This system supports a H.323 and SIP dual protocol to ensure good compatibility with mainstream video conferencing systems. VC400 is equipped with an 18X optical PTZ camera so that users can enjoy 4-site 1080P full-HD video conferencing, as well as 1080P contents sharing.
Nov 06, 2014 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T23G Datasheet
Professional IP phone with 3 Lines & HD voice with Dual Gigabit Ports
Nov 06, 2014 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T23P Datasheet
Professional IP phone with 3 Lines & HD voice and Dual 10/100 ports
Feb 28, 2014 PDF Document Yealink SIP-T48G Datasheet
The SIP-T48G is Yealink’s most recent innovative IP Phone for a fast-changing world. Designed specifically for both local and international use by business, industry and commerce, it incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications swift, easy and convenient.
Nov 22, 2013 PDF Document Yealink T32G Datasheet
The Yealink SIP-T32G IP Phone is Yealink's latest innovation for managers with demanding collaborative communication needs.
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