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Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-MXmeeting-Brochure - Zultys
Multi-party Integrated Webcam Video Conferencing
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-MXnetwork-Brochure - Zultys
MXnetworkTM is a license-activated solution for Zultys IP phone system products allowing multiple MX systems to be interconnected to form a single enterprise-wide unified communications system.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-Integrated-Contact-Center-Brochure - Zultys
Zultys has designed our Integrated Contact Center (ICC) solution to optimize operations and efficiently handle customer calls. The ICC solution comes prepackaged with features to streamline operations and improve management of a customer service department of any size and call volume.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-Flex-Communicator-Brochure - Zultys
Flex is an easy to use tool for integrating your phone system with your CRM. Pop screens on incoming calls, easily make a call from your CRM’s records. No need to flip flop between screens on the desktop. Enhance the productivity of your contact center, and provide a higher level of service to your customers. Become more efficient and more effective with Flex Communicator.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-Salesforce-Communicator-Brochure - Zultys
The Zultys Salesforce.com Communicator provides close integration between the Zultys IP phone system and the Salesforce.com CRM application suite.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-Outlook-Communicator-Brochure.pdf - Zultys
With Zultys Outlook CommunicatorTM your Zultys IP phone system can be closely integrated with Microsoft OutlookTM. You have full call control and can phone your contacts directly from Outlook. This product conveniently synchronizes Presence with your Outlook calendar, allowing it to be changed directly from Outlook. These features bring tighter integration between the Zultys UC platform and the Microsoft messaging platform.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-Skype-for-Businesss-Integration-Brochure - Zultys
Additional Skype for Business Plug-In for Flex Communications Integrates the MX System with the Skype for Business Application
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-ZIP49G-Brochure - Zultys
The ZIP 49G Smart Media Phone combines productivity enhancing visual communications with the flexibility of the Android operating system, accessed via a 7 inch touch screen, to deliver an outstanding user experience for business professionals.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-ZIP-59i-Brochure - Zultys
The Zultys ZIP 59i is for the discerning executive who wants the very best in the industry. Featuring a high quality 5.7” full color high resolution VGA touch screen display, this stylish SIP Open Standards based phone offers an intuitive graphical user interface, 55 touch screen softkeys, full duplex wideband audio speaker and handset (for the best audio anywhere), dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces and extensive call management capabilities, built-in bluetooth interface and a USB port. The ZIP 59i is fully interoperable with the Zultys MX family of award-winning IP Telephony platforms and MXIE Unified Communications desktop client.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-Cloud-Services-Brochure - Zultys
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-MXvirtual-Brochure - Zultys
Zultys MXvirtual is a fully integrated unified communication solution and IP phone system in a VMware® Ready virtual appliance. Innovative, reliable and scalable, MXvirtual integrates voice, video, data and mobility, to optimize collaboration and communications for businesses of all sizes.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-MXIE-Brochure - Zultys
The MXIE™ (Media Exchange Interface for End Users) desktop client provides staff with an easy to use Unified Communications (UC) application that brings together voice, video, instant messaging (IM), presence, advanced call management, voice mail, electronic faxing, operator console, contact center roles, flexible tele-worker capabilities and many more functions. MXIE is fully integrated into the Zultys Media Exchange solution, requires no external servers, and is supported on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Once you experience the power of MXIE, you will wonder how you survived without it.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-MG4-MG8-Analog-VoIP-Gateway-Brochure - Zultys
The MG4/MG8 are enterprise-class analog-to-SIP gateways that enhance IP phone system coverage of legacy analog phones, making it easy to integrate legacy phones into the Zultys Unified Communications solution. The MG4/MG8 are an ideal solution for businesses and organizations (such as retail, education and health care) that need to expand their analog trunks or extend the number of analog stations being served by their Zultys MX30 or MX250 IP phone systems.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys-MG24-MG48-Analog-VoIP-Gateway-Brochure - Zultys
The MG24/MG48 multipurpose enterprise-class analog to SIP VoIP gateways enhance IP PBX coverage of legacy analog phones, making it easy to integrate legacy phones into the Zultys Unified Communications solution. The MG24/MG48 are an ideal solution for small to medium businesses, enterprises and organizations with multifloor offices and distributed facilities that need to extend the number of analog stations being served by their Zultys MX250 IP PBX.
Oct 23, 2018 PDF Document Zultys Unified Communications Brochure - Zultys
The Zultys MX series of both cloud and premise based enterprise class IP phone systems combines best of breed Unified Communications (UC) features into an easily scalable “all-in-one” native SIP solution that can support up to 10,000 users across 128 locations. Based on secure Linux and open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), Zultys packs its IP phone systems full of business enhancing features that provide a wide range of enterprise-class Unified Communications services, allowing companies to gain a competitive advantage and achieve a rapid return on investment
Oct 19, 2018 PDF Document CyberData Secure Access Control - CyberData
CyberData’s Line Of Secure Access Control Endpoints For SMB Deliver Simple, Safe, Secure Access Control Using New Or Existing VoIP Phone Systems
Oct 19, 2018 PDF Document CyberData Loud Paging & Loud Ringing - CyberData
Facilitating Loud Paging and Loud Ringing for your environment is easy with CyberData’s SIP endpoints, with multiple options for varied locations.
Oct 19, 2018 PDF Document CyberData Industrial Phones - CyberData
Hardened Industrial SIP Phones from CyberData are perfect for oil rigs, university campuses, ports/harbors, mining, subway/rail stations & more
Oct 19, 2018 PDF Document CyberData Amp vs Horn - CyberData
A comparison of CyberData’s Loudspeaker & Paging Amplifier With Horns vs SIP or Singlewire IP66 Outdoor Horn
Oct 03, 2018 PDF Document Grandstream WP820 Data Sheet - Grandstream Networks
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