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Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS MICRO Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
The iPECS Micro is perfectly customized for business from 2 to 20 users employing IP trunking. Any business planning to use SIP trunks will benefit with the simple plug and play installation, highly reliable and rich IP PBX communications features with this all in one solution. Built in SIP trunk, FXS ports and IP extension capabilities meet the basic requirements of any small business. Powerful IP PBX features make this small box not a small box any more. The user defined system and station greeting, Auto Attendant become more powerful with the multi language support. The 200 minutes voice mail storage and voice mail accounts are ready to use as you install by selecting pre-defined default numbering plan.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS NMS Multi-Site Monitoring and Management Tool Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
iPECS NMS monitors registered systems in real-time to deliver fault and alarm event statistics. The NMS Server generates automatic email alerts of fault and alarm defined as critical by the system manager. In addition, while on-line, NMS Server can be configured to notify the NMS Web client while the manager works on other PC tasks. Managers can thus identify critical issues with monitored systems implementing corrective measures before the faults become service affecting or even noticed by users.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS PHONTAGE Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
iPECS Phontage is a PC application that integrates the extensive iPECS voice communications capabilities with communications aware applications on your PC. The iPECS Phontage user friendly interface enriches your communications experience and eases access to contact databases. Phontage is available several versions to support a variety of clients all supporting advanced QoS tools to assure high quality voice and video communications.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS SBG-1000 Brochure - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
iPECS SBG-1000 is a truly converged communication platform tailored for small businesses integrating IP telephony, data networking, wireless, security and IT needs in a single unit. IP telephony and broadband Internet services are easily and securely delivered over a single broadband IP line from the service provider and connected to to the iPECS SBG-1000 for delivery to the end-user.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS SBG-1000 Quick Start Guide - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
iPECS SBG-1000 is all-in-one multi-service communication solution via single Internet connection for small businesses.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS UMS Unified Messaging Solution Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
iPECS UMS is a powerful Unified Messaging solution with highly sophisticated Auto Attendant and almost unlimited voice mail capability. Not only handling voice messages, iPECS UMS can deliver incoming fax messages to desired destination. Desktop call control and Text to Speech features simply make business more dynamic and efficient.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS WIT-400H Cordless IP Phone Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
Tightly integrated system features make WIT-400H a perfect business mobility terminal. Industry proven iPECS family, Ericsson-LG’s IP PBX solution, has completed interoperability test for sophisticated business features. Users can broadcast their voice to multiple peers by simply pressing Push To Talk(PTT) button on the handset then WIT-400H maintains open channels for the instant half duplex voice communication. By using Linked Station Pair, users communication options become seamless. Pairing with desktop phone or soft client with WIT-400H matches ideal combination of true business communication. Not to mention Paging, Message wait indication, multi party conference, internal text messaging, door opening relay control etc., traditional system features are well implemented in the latest IP technology without compromising.
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