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Jul 20, 2018 PDF Document iPECS eMG800 Unified 3.0 Datasheet - iPECS
iPECS eMG800 is an optimized SME solution built with the common challenges of SMEs in mind such as growth, flexible IP converged capabilities, unified communications, ease of use, mobility, single management, scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Jul 20, 2018 PDF Document iPECS eMG800 Unified 3.0 Brochure - iPECS
iPECS eMG800 is a highly reliable, extensible business platform. As a hybrid platform, it can be flexibly configured and expanded. With iPECS eMG800, you can combine IP and traditional business sets to support a single IP network or mixed network (TDM & IP) solution consisting of IP, digital or single line phones including our UC solution and based on your network environment.
Jul 20, 2018 PDF Document iPECS LDP-9200 Series Datasheet v.1.0 - iPECS
Empower your business with iPECS LDP-9200 Series. Newly designed and rich features, iPECS LDP-9200 Series have an intuitive interface that improves user usability.
May 09, 2018 PDF Document iPECS UCP Unified 3.0 Brochure - iPECS
Design Your Business Communications with iPECS UCP
May 09, 2018 PDF Document iPECS LIP-9000 Series Datasheet - iPECS
Enjoy a wide selection of easy to use system IP phones to enrich your communications experience with a powerful speaker phone and wideband voice support
May 09, 2018 PDF Document iPECS eMG80 Unified 3.0 Datasheet - iPECS
iPECS eMG80 adopts VoIP technology running as an optimized IP/TDM hybrid switching platform. This gives the ability to communicate seamlessly over IP networks and delivers advantages over existing hybrid technologies by providing SMEs with efficient and productive applications using iPECS eMG80 in a simple and cost-effective manner.
Feb 04, 2015 PDF Document LIP-9000 Series Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
Enjoy the wide selection of easy-to-use system IP phones to enrich your communications experience with powerful speaker and wideband voice support. There are 5 types from Entry level to Advanced terminals, designed to best fit the users’ business needs.
Aug 27, 2014 PDF Document Qwikcable Instructions for eMG80 - iPECS
This universal cable allows you to save time and labor by breaking out all of the CO line and Station wiring from the jacks on the system to this ready to plug or punch down cable. One cable can be used on each of the various option boards used in the eMG80.
Jun 18, 2014 PDF Document iPECS GDC 450H - iPECS
iPECS GDC-450H/500H is a perfect business DECT phone for small and medium sized business with fully integrated system features and cost effective solution.
Jun 13, 2014 PDF Document iPECS eMG80 Brochure - iPECS
Experience a rich featured and cost effective communications solution in a trendy design IP/TDM Hybrid communication platform, iPECS eMG80
Jan 17, 2014 PDF Document PM Press Release-2013 Ericsson-LG Award - iPECS
Presence Management Wins 2013 Worldwide Sales and Marketing Innovator of the Year Award from Ericsson-LG Enterprise Recognized for Excellence in Building North American Reseller Channel To Bring iPECS IP Telephony, UC, Mobility and Call Center Solutions to SMBs and Enterprise
Dec 06, 2013 PDF Document Configuring CyberData Devices for the iPECS-LIK - iPECS, CyberData
This document covers the integration of CyberData IP endpoints with the iPECS-LIK versions 5.5He and 6.0Bo
Aug 29, 2013 PDF Document iPECS POE-WALL-ES PoE Injector - iPECS
Low-profile value-priced PoE injector ––– includes a 3-foot CAT5 cable!
Mar 05, 2013 PDF Document iPECS Web Catalog - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
To meet the enterprise needs, Ericsson-LG offers the iPECS, converged IP Enterprise Communications Solutions, that delivers a complete product lineup for unified communications including voice, data and applications for small to large enterprises. iPECS Platforms, including call servers and, gateways are at the heart of the iPECS solutions that have highly reliable hardware and software, fully distributed IP architecture and rich set of easy to use features.
Dec 20, 2012 PDF Document iPECS LIK Brochure 6.0 - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
In a connected world, your SMB communications solution should be simple and powerful with less investment, apparent as their workforce becomes mobile, global, and dependent on ease of communications and collaboration. for the business to perform and stay competitive, regardless of size, enterprises need tools that interoperate well together and bring fast, well informed, critical decision making that facilitates faster, more ef?cient performance in the work environment.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS LIK 6.0 Datasheet - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
Ericsson-LG iPECS LIK is an IP communication solution designed to meet needs of small and medium business, specifically designed for 20 to 1,200 users while delivering full PBX functionality.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS LDP Desktop Terminals - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
Compare the features of five different desktop terminals
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS ipLDK-60 Brochure - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
The ipLDK-60 is an intelligent IP telephony system delivered by the Ericsson-LG’s customized communications technology. Basically, it provides a complete communication solution with SMB customers that range from small offi ces seeking for voice oriented legacy telephony system to multiple offi ces networked and deployed over wide areas.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS LIP-8000-Series-Brochure - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
The new 8000 IP Phone Series is the latest innovation in IP Phones for enterprises & SMB’s around the globe and is dedicated to providing the user with a highly reliable desktop IP telephony experience combined with Ericsson-LG’s feature-rich, pure IP IPECS Platform.
Aug 16, 2012 PDF Document iPECS LIP Desktop and Wireless Terminals - iPECS, Ericsson-LG
Desktop and Wireless Terminals
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